About Maiz Denver

We’re a Denver-based food truck serving traditional mexican dishes with a Colorado twist.

How it Began

I was born in Colorado and raised by my father, Jerry, who insipred me to cook at a young age. My childhood was filled with home cooking and flavors from my Mexican heritage. I would wake up to incredible smells coming from the kitchen and filling up the house making it smell amazing.

My father also taught me that community is important. I always remember being immersed in community where I lived. My father worked with youth and worked on bettering people around him. I took this to heart and grew up becoming an EMT with Denver Health for eight years. Being surrounded by community and being able to heal them fulfilled me.

As much as I ejoyed being an EMT, however, I truly believed I had another calling. I had always wanted to own a business but I didn’t know what it would be. I ended up taking one of my favorite dishes, the dream of being a business owner, and combined them to create Maiz. So here I am now, making my dream a reality. I believe I will continue to heal and help people through my food. Maiz will serve great tasting traditional dishes to the community!

– Maria Rangel


How to Say Maiz

Don’t worry, it may be difficult for you to say “maiz” but we will do our best to help.


Our Mission

To use local and seasonal foods and bring light to amazing Mexican and Colorado flavors.

Our Values

Bringing the community together is a value that is incredibly important to us. 

About the truck’s art & the artist

Karma Leigh is a Chicana from Colorado who was blessed to grow up between two worlds, the urban life of the city and the natural wonders of the Rockies. Both have inspired her work as an artist and educator. Karma has always had an innate desire for exploration and traveled to many cities in the US landing her in Phoenix for three years. It was there her passion to create, and hone her skills as an artist, were fueled by the many prolific artists she was surrounded by.

Karma is a self-taught painter, muralist, curator and creator of jewelry and tangible goods. Her talents are not limited to the paint and palette; she has helped organize successful vendor markets for FemFest, taught for the EPIC Arts program out of Redline Gallery, and was the former Education Coordinator for Museo de las Americas and has been a teacher there for seven years. Karma is also an art teacher with Voz y Corazon, a suicide prevention program in Denver, for five years and will be teaching her own art programs in 2021.


Karma Leigh

This was a project that started as a logo design in 2019 and then the conception of this truck in 2020.

It also was the beginning of a new friendship and a lot of lessons along the way!

The Colors were chosen to help her stand out in the food truck world. The design was inspired by Maria’s belief that food is a way to heal and show love, her connection to her Chicana roots, our ancestors and so much more.

Aerosol and brush paint by Karma!


Our Team

Maiz Denver is a family-owned and operated business. Our team consists of our founder, Maria, and her family who assists in food truck operations.

Our Food

Traditional Mexican Cuisine with a Modern Touch

We specialize in Mexican food with a modern touch. From gourmet ingredients, cage free protiens to vegetarian options, we want everybody to be able to eat our food even if you have dietary restrictions.

Locations & Times

Where to find us

We're always on the move! See the calendar below to see our schedule or to see catering availability.